Support Your Adult Learning and Career Preparedness Goals

Are the adult learning solutions you offer really getting the job done? Are your students progressing like they should or are they still struggling to learn and master new material?

Discover how quality adult learning solutions can have improve the skills necessary to meet goals and have an impact on the learning capabilities of your students.

The Perfect Addition To Your Adult Education Curriculum

SkillsTutor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, helps adult learners in traditional and alternative education programs meet their responsibilities as workers, parents, and citizens.

SkillsTutor’s adult learning and employability skills solutions are flexible digital programs that serve the diverse needs of both adolescent and adult learners.

By incorporating SkillsTutor’s digital curriculum supplements, existing adult basic education, GED attainments, or job placement programs. 

You will help adult learners gain the basic skills, as well as the job preparation skills that they need to succeed.   This online delivered instruction offers learners a wide range of engaging, motivating, and effective learning opportunities and assists with transition to the workplace.

What SkillsTutor Adult Learning Solutions Can Do For Your Students

SkillsTutor solutions emphasize basic skills such as reading, writing, math, language arts and problem solving. Thousands of learners have obtained their GED after using SkillsTutor solutions to refresh and master basic skills.

SkillsTutor adult learning solutions discover how to properly and effectively target a particular student’s learning difficulties.

By effectively targeting the subjects that cause students to struggle, SkillsTutor is able to improve upon a student’s ability to progress beyond their trouble areas and onto more advanced topics.

What SkillsTutor Can Do For You

"I use SkillsTutor extensively with GED preparation. Success has been achieved with students using the program at a distance and as a class supplement. …..After completing the assigned modules, I have seen student scores increase up to 80+ points." - Satisfied SkillsTutor Customer

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