Special Education Curriculum

Get a strong start implementing a special education curriculum with SkillsTutor digital solutions. Do you want to implement and optimize the learning experience of every student and see them progress through difficult concepts?

Does your current special education solution offer interesting and motivational content that will keep your students interested for the entire length of the course? Our solutions and implementation models will get you started.

Special Education Curriculum Best Practices

Education of students with special needs calls for an individualized plan than addresses each student’s unique learning style.

Technology has been integrated into the educational approach as a method of teaching and has been proven to be beneficial in creating a motivating learning environment.

Our Special Education Solutions

SkillsTutor products can be used in a variety of settings: in the traditional classroom, in a resource room, before-or after-school, or from home using any desktop, laptop, or mobile device to assist with your special education curriculum.

The SkillsTutor management system assesses students in order to determine their specific strengths and weaknesses. The system then customizes a course of study based on each students’ unique needs. Teachers are also given valuable assistance in creating lesson plans and IEP’s.

SkillsTutor products are cloud-based which allows parents and teachers to work hand-in-hand from separate locations.

Available Reports

More than 25 reports are available in an easy–to-read format and provide valuable information about student mastery and achievement. Teachers can monitor and evaluate student progress and adjust the lesson plan to best meet the needs of each student. SkillsTutor is especially helpful with Response to Intervention and special education.

The end result is demonstrated in performance. Teachers can help students stay motivated with level appropriate lessons while increasing student achievement.

Ready To Help Your Students Excel?

Our account executives can be e-mailed at any time with questions regarding our special education curriculum and will get back to you as soon as they can. They can also be reached by phone at 1-877-219-1537.

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