Maximize Learning in Your Summer School Program

A key element to student success is being able to measure students’ knowledge and track their progress to ensure they are learning. Students in summer school have not grasped the academic concepts to get a passing grade.

We can help you drive instruction with have your students succeed with SkillsTutor Summer School digital programs.

Maximize Learning With Your Summer School Solutions

It is no secret that some students need extra help beyond the traditional school year. What those students need is a program that will adequately supplement what they are learning in school.

Our summer school solutions will give them the academic support they need, with core academic instructional programs, which adapt to their individual skill level and motivate their learning.

By engaging students through challenging activities and providing data that supports student achievement, you can ensure that academic success is achieved.

Our Summer School Solutions

SkillsTutor solutions can be deployed individually or in small groups for grades K-12 depending on the learning level and specific needs of each student.

These digital and mobile programs will provide students with individualized instruction, remediation, and enrichment while aligning to all State Standards as well as Common Core Standards.

Our summer school solutions are also flexible, easy-to-use, cost effective, and include a Spanish Audio option. Teachers and students finally have choices and can respond to readiness, interests, and learning profiles.

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