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We believe there are no limits to what teachers and students can accomplish in the classroom. That's why our professional development and implementation sessions are designed to help educators effectively use and integrate SkillsTutor resources to maximize daily instruction, improve student achievement and extend use into the home.

Our professional development team consists of educators who partner with you to ensure successful implementation.  We provide dedicated planning resources and coordinate the entire process with you to build instructional capacity for your classroom, school or district.

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Standardized Training Sessions

We offer numerous professional development sessions.  Most popular include:

Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge program is designed to fill existing learning gaps and promote success in the upcoming grade level or grading period. This series provides assignments targeting both goals, and ensures that teachers, parents and students can easily monitor progress during the summer or intersession.


The focus of this series is the achievement success of a targeted group of students - students with IEPs, ELL population, at-risk students or special subgroups.  A customized professional development series will be created based on school or district requirements.

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Alignment

SIP Alignment series focuses on gathering data from the school team and administrators to design an action plan for the school year aligned to the SIP.  Implementation strategies, math or literacy needs of the school or districts and could include differentiated instruction strategies, math or literacy focus, informed use of data to guide instructional decisions or development of remediation's plans.


Reaching at-risk students with engaging instruction is critical to their success.  This series provides proven strategies on how to identify and deliver powerful instruction to struggling students.  Our team will address Response to Intervention (RTI), alternative school and tutoring. This series focuses on identifying onsite intervention specialists, addressing the demographic tracking needs of the site, alone with student-specific goals for success.

Credit Skills Recovery

Using content of SkillsTutor solutions, the professional development specialists will design customized curricular pathways for success in recovering course skills.  Educators will learn how to expand learning options, use flexible scheduling, increase instructional support for at-risk students, and increase student engagement to succeed with online learning and mobile technology.

Customized Assignments

The professional development specialists will design customized assignments using SkillsTutor content for individual schools, groups of schools with similar achievement goals or for a specific targeted subgroup.  These assignments can be created in the areas of mathematics, ELA or science.

Types of Training

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