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We offer an array of digital instructional modules across all subjects, including math, science, reading and language arts, and cross curriculum areas to best help your students supplement their classroom learning.

Our modules are custom tailored to appeal to specific age groups and skillset levels. Keep reading to find the educational modules that will best prepare your students to succeed in a particular subject.

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SkillsTutor supplemental online instructional modules for grades K-12, and adults, offer resources for foundational instruction and help learners to develop skills essential to success. The flexibility of individual modules give you the ability to choose the curriculum areas and grade levels that best fit your needs.

Our high-quality instructional modules enable and encourage academic excellence and easily integrate and work on Interactive Whiteboards to enhance the instructional experience.

We Have A Vast Range Of Modules Available

Our instructional modules cover a variety of different educational areas. They range from mathematics, to science, to language arts and more. Our selection of solutions include:



Reading / Language Arts

Cross Curriculum

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