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SkillsTutor offers effective adult basic education modules that students need to refresh forgotten skills or attain a certification

Help adults become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency, with advanced reporting capabilities that identify education gaps and areas of struggle.

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The Perfect Adult Basic Education Modules For You!

Re-engage adults and help them master essential skills. Adult basic education modules help learners to advance through a continuum of proficiency in self-paced activities in subjects including: reading, writing, language arts, math and science.

These lessons and activities are delivered to your learner's computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere.  Your learner's will develop the building blocks necessary to successfully move on to postsecondary education or training and progress into a career pathway.

Why Choose SkillsTutor Adult Basic Education Modules?

SkillsTutor ensures that your students master and apply their basic skills knowledge to their transition into college, specialized technical education, or related training programs.  SkillsTutor Adult Basic Education modules are designed to improve test scores and align with:

  • TABE - Tests of Adult Basic Education are the most widely used
  • GED - General Education Development Tests allow learners the opportunity to receive a certification of completion of high-school level skills.
  • CASAS – Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems is used for assessing adult basic reading, math, writing and speaking skills.

It’s Even Portable!

SkillsTutor’s adult basic education modules are an innovative way to supplement an Adult Basic Education curriculum and will help students grasp information more thoroughly and faster than if they were left on their own.

SkillsTutor’s modules are user friendly and easy-to-use. Anytime, anywhere access to online instructional materials allows the adult learner to stay connected and complete coursework to prepare for tests and obtain certifications.

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