Employ K-12 Core Curriculum Modules That Further Education

Our K-12 Core Curriculum modules will challenge your students and help them grow intellectually, while increasing competency for Common Core State Exams.

Keep reading to find the best module for your students, regardless of age and ability level.

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The Best K-12 Core Curriculum Modules Available To Your Students

Provide a clear path to success with SkillsTutor digital instructional modules. Learners can reinforce skill sets in math, language arts, and science with flexible, differentiated instruction delivered online with its content accessible anytime.

Diverse learners are supported with individualized learning paths giving targeted instruction and practice where it's needed the most.

Our Variety of Individual Modules

Online, research-based instruction makes learning fun and stimulating. There are more than 2200 lessons and activities in Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Mathematics, Algebra, Science, and Information Skills available across an assortment of learning level specific modules.

Each of these lessons aligns with the state standards and Common Core State Standards.  Our instruction supplements various class curriculums and extends learning with anytime access.  The K-12 Modules we offer include:

SkillsTutor K - 12 Mathematics/Science

Start your early learners in an e-workbook to learn key concepts in addition, subtraction, patterns, money and time.  Build a basic foundation with multiplication, division, geometry, decimals, fractions, and problem-solving lessons. Students will also be able to foster instant recall of basic math facts.


Our K-12 modules build on this solid foundation and add critical math concepts such as place value, decimals and fractions to bolster their understanding of math as a whole.  Now they are ready for Algebra, Geometry and beyond!  It's math made easy for every grade level!

SkillsTutor K - 12 Reading/Language Arts

Every student will be exposed to a rich mixture of reading and language skills including reading comprehension, grammar, reading vocabulary and more!

Each level of our K-12 Reading/Language Arts Modules builds on prior knowledge for increased learning and prepares students for their standardized tests.

Ready To Put Your Students On The Path To Success?

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