Virtual Training

This virtual learning environment offers a hands-on approach to practice the programs through a virtual session with our experienced trainers. The workshop covers introductory concepts plus an in-depth guided review of product content, features and functions, and lessons and activities.

These hands-on, real-time virtual sessions are uniquely designed to help you establish site goals, apply integration techniques and determine accountability objectives while learning how to utilize and manage the programs to their fullest potential.

Virtual sessions are intended for up to seven (7) participants. 

Sample Virtual Training Agenda

1. Program Overview

Product Definition, Content, Features and Functions

• Methodology, Research Principles
•  User Overview
• Teaching and Learning Integration Strategies 

2. Website Introduction

• Site Overview and Goals
• Customer Resource Tool
• Support & Service

3. Questions & Answers

4. Review

5. Summary

*Our easy-to-use web conferencing tool does not require plug-ins or time consuming downloads. Please check its systems requirements.