Find Career Preparedness Modules to Help Students Enter the Workforce

SkillsTutor Career Preparedness modules build a strong set of life skills that will serve as a foundation for preparing the next generation of adults to enter the workforce.

The skills needed to navigate the real-world are not always at students fingertips. Our digital modules set the high standards that your students need as they transition from high school to work.

Continue reading to learn how SkillsTutor software modules can effectively prepare students to begin a career.

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Choose Career Preparedness Modules!

People need to possess knowledge and skills beyond reading, writing and arithmetic in order to be successful. Students are going to need valuable life skills that will help them transition from education into the workforce.

By providing hands-on training on how to create a resume, how to represent yourself during an interview, and how to handle common workplace scenarios, students will be better prepared to deal with the day-to-day stresses of life.

Career Preparedness modules can accomplish all of these tasks by focusing on quality fundamentals.

Are your Students Prepared for their Careers?

With the SkillsTutor Career Preparedness Modules, students learn the essentials of reading, writing and language arts that allows them to gain fundamental knowledge. The modules then allow them to build upon that foundation with skills such as career decision making, job-seeking, work maturity, worker-effectiveness, and other skills needed for success in the workplace.

SkillsTutor Career Preparedness modules will help to build effective life skills that inspire nothing short of success.

Help Your Students Achieve Their Dreams

SkillsTutor’s Career Preparedness modules are an innovative method of teaching the most valued skills needed to transition effectively from an educational atmosphere to the real world.

Plus, SkillsTutor modules are available to your students anywhere at any time!


SkillsTutor’s innovative modules are cloud-based, so it is accessible from anywhere Internet access is available!

SkillsTutor modules are also extremely user-friendly for students, teachers, and administrators, so it is easy to keep track of your student’s overall improvement throughout the entire career preparedness curriculum.

Help Students Prepare for Careers Today!

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