Are You In Need of a Results Proven K-12 Math/Science Solution?

Does your K-12 math/science curriculum challenge your students in ways unique to their learning abilities?

Does your curriculum build a strong enough base with concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in order to prepare students for Algebra, Geometry and beyond?

Ask us How Mathematics and Science Instruction go Hand-in-Hand!

Start your early-learners in an e-workbook to learn key concepts in addition, subtraction, patterns, money and time. Build the foundation with multiplication, division, geometry, decimals, fractions, problem-solving lessons, and aid in the development of instant recall of basic math facts.

A quality K-12 math/science solution will build on this solid foundation and add critical math concepts to bolster their understanding of math and prepare them to embrace science.

SkillsTutor will use the problem-solving skills taught in the K-12 Math/Science solution to further develop math and science competencies in more advanced subjects. The science instruction covers key concepts in Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Sciences whereas the math instruction covers key concepts in Basic Math, Algebra and Geometry.

SkillsTutor’s K-12 Math/Science solution offers the opportunity to extend understanding through fundamental instruction in biology, chemistry and physics. The lessons use detailed graphics to engage students and enhance their constantly growing conceptual knowledge.

Mathematics plus Science = STEM Solutions!

It's math for every grade level, including problem-solving skills, to prepare students to face scientific concepts as well as transition them towards college and future careers.

It's Mobile!

SkillsTutor’s K-12 Math/Science solution is an extremely effective and affordable alternative to other learning methods, such as the use of flash cards and standard, timed tests. The best part about SkillsTutor is that it has the ability to be used from anywhere, at any time.

SkillsTutor is very user-friendly and makes it easy to track the improvements your student’s are sure to make.

See It First Hand

Check out the sample K-12 Math/Science lesson we have provided so you see how easy they really are to work.

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