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SkillsTutor's GED Prep Modules significantly increase the quality of preparation a student receives when they study for the GED test.

Quality preparation in the core academic skills needed to pass the GED test can make all the difference to a student when it becomes exam time. Our interactive modules provide the supplemental instruction and progress tracking needed to help ensure success.

Keep reading to find out how these modules can make GED preparation more effective.

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GED Prep Modules Are The Clear Choice!

Help your students prepare for the GED test and obtain their credential for future success.  Passing the GED test requires extensive preparation and mastery of core academic skills.   The SkillsTutor GED Prep modules require the use of higher-order thinking skills in reading, language, writing, and mathematics.

GED tests are far from simple, single topic questions. The exam covers a vast amount of information, all of which are covered in this GED Prep Module.

Lucky for you, SkillsTutor’s GED Prep Modules cover all of the core skills needed to properly prepare a person of any age for their GED exam.

GED Prep Modules Subjects

By using SkillsTutor’s GED Prep Modules, students will receive access to a plethora of specific lessons and activities that fall under the categories of reading, language arts and mathematics. Below, you will find a list of the activities contained within each of the subject areas.

  • Language Arts:  Capitalization, Punctuation, Usage, Spelling, Language Mechanics, Sentence Structure, and Clear Writing and Paragraphs.
  • Reading Comprehension:  Past Civilizations, Westward Expansion, Civil War, Life Around the World, U.S. Government, Vocabulary Building, and Word Knowledge.
  • Mathematics:  Understanding Numbers, Decimals, Fractions and Percents, Geometry, Data, Number Concepts, Computation, Word Problems, Measurement and Geometry, Proportion and Percents, Algebra, and Statistics and Probability.

GED Prep Modules are Portable and Meet Your Budget!

SkillsTutor’s GED Prep modules offer a unique alternative to common instructional techniques. They teach to the core skills that will be covered on a GED exam and give the student a significantly better foundation of knowledge when compared to students who may not have taken advantage of the program.

One of the best parts about SkillsTutor’s Modules are the portability. Our GED Prep is cloud-based, so anywhere that you can access the internet, you are able to take advantage of SkillsTutor’s modules.

Our modules also offer you the ability to track your student’s progress during the course of the GED Prep.

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