Help Students that Need Credit Skills Recovery in Math

If you have students who are falling behind and need to be caught up, help them recover missing credits with the SkillsTutor Credit Skills Recovery-Math module.

Continue reading to learn more about helping your students get credit for the education they have already received!

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Credit Skills Recovery in Math - An Essential Skill Set

If your students didn’t pass or earn middle or high school credits the first time around, the SkillsTutor Credit Skills Recovery-Math module will supplement your school’s existing curriculum and prepare your students to recover their credits.

Diverse instructional strategies fit various learning styles and give your students the intensive instructional support they need to understand and master core math skills. The end result is for the students to obtain the credits they need to graduate, build a career, or develop college success skills.

SkillsTutor is an Effective and Proven Way to Help Students with Credit Skills Recovery in Math

The SkillsTutor Credit Skills Recovery module is highly responsive to the multiple needs of young people who are struggling to graduate.  They will respond well to the use of an Internet-based, mobile type of instruction that provides skill development to help them attain their goal: graduation.

Our module draws on students’ strengths and fosters self-directed learning. The flexibility of the program appeals to students and allows each to learn at his or her own pace.

Credit Skills Recovery-Math Can Be Used Anywhere

Provide additional learning opportunities and academic support anytime, anywhere. Credit Skills Recovery-Math lives online so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, at the users convenience.

The ultimate goal of this module is to help credit deficient students succeed and meet graduation requirements with the use of targeted math instruction.

Let us help you reduce dropout rates, help your students graduate on time, and prepare them properly for college.

Catch Students Up With Credit Skills Recovery-Math Today!

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We canit wait to begin working with you!

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