Meeting Student Needs With Title I Solutions

A wide range of skill levels and proficiency challenges make it difficult to monitor each student and ensure they are mastery the core academic skills essential for students to progress to higher learning.

With one-one-one digital learning, students become actively involved in their education and learn to work independently.

Title I Solutions That Work

The best way to prepare your students for their future is to equip them with the foundational skills they need to succeed.

SkillsTutor Title I solutions provide intervention for students at risk, help close the achievement gap, and reduce drop out rates.

These research based supplemental solutions are aligned to the Common Core Standards, state standards, and provide self-paced individualized instruction. They are also management systems for accountability, and reports to track student progress.

These elements all work towards increasing Title I student achievement.

SkillsTutor Unique Targeted Instruction

Through targeted instruction, SkillsTutor interactive curriculum walks students through core skills in reading, language arts, writing, math and science.

These solutions engage and motivate students. They also serve a variety of objectives: higher scores on state tests, student assessment, remediation, intervention, skill refresher, online tutoring, in-class instruction or after school instruction.

SkillsTutor Title I solutions fit seamlessly into your current curriculum and contribute to the overall student achievement in core subjects.

Are You Ready To Show Your Students The Path To Success?

SkillsTutor is happy to help answer your additional questions that you may still have about our Title I solutions. We can be reached at 1-877-219-1537 or by email.

We are looking forward to helping you!

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