Integrate SkillsTutor Into Your Curriculum With These Helpful Tips!

To help you take full advantage of SkillsTutor online instruction, here's a compilation of our customers integration tips. Share your experience with us at

Staff Involvement

  • Show SkillsTutor Alignments and Correlations  in your states.
  • Call us for references. Talk with other customers, read our Effectiveness Reports and see how they apply to your school program. Include SkillsTutor verbiage in your Grant Proposals.
  • Describe the variety of education settings that SkillsTutor can help support student achievement.
  • Perfect for libraries and labs, classrooms, rural education programs, community learning, before, after and summer school programs.
  • Help "classify" Special Education students and define individualized learning tracks.
  • Improve English skills for ESL students.
  • Help Teachers refresh their core skills!


  • Announce the program to your faculty and discuss overall benefits.
  • Provide literature for early adoption.
  • Review the Scope and Sequence for each SkillsTutor module.
  • Create a certification program for teachers.
  • Schedule a virtual training session with one of our specialists.
  • Plan cross-curriculum opportunities. For example, combine English and History classes or Science and Math.
  • Reward your Teachers for using technology.


  • Create a student-mentoring program to train other students and teachers.
  • Post signs or posters in your school.
  • Extend your homeroom period and initiate subject-specific learning sessions such as reading or writing development.
  • Start a before or after school program to benefit struggling students.
  • Give access to SkillsTutor to younger students who need a challenge.
  • Create "extra-credit" or "credit recovery" programs using SkillsTutor.
  • Make study hall a structured learning time using SkillsTutor with suspended students or students who need extra practice in core skills.
  • Use SkillsTutor in your library and create a test-prep class.
  • Provide SkillsTutor access to home or hospitalized students.
  • Offer summer classes to stop the summer slide.

Parent Involvement

  • Send an Announcement Letter  to parents about the program
  • Hold an open house during PTA nights.
  • Invite parents and local advocates to learn more about SkillsTutor.
  • Provide them with home access.
  • Announce the programs benefits through a Press Release to your community newspapers.
  • Ask your local newspaper to write a story about your online school program.
  • For younger students create a student/parent "reading" program or subject-specific program and encourage parents to participate.
  • Showcase your school on our website by sharing your SkillsTutor story.  

Access SkillsTutor

  • Go Direct! Link directly to SkillsTutor website with this helpful graphic and instructions, and save your teachers and students time. 

      Call Toll-Free 1-888-222-3681 for technical support.


Management System

  • Make technology an everyday part of your education goals.
  • Designate a Technology Coordinator or Teacher to run a SkillsTutor accountability and progress report for student groups, classes, and overall school achievement gains.
  • Send progress reports home to parents.
  • Contact your Implementation Specialist to run a Pre and Post Test Gains Report for your school.