Digital Instructional Modules

Our high quality digital instructional modules contain lessons and activities to help students of all skill sets and ages augment their learning inside and outside of the classroom.

If your students are falling behind in school, or if they are not being challenged, our supplemental digital instruction will help to expand their potential and enhance their education.

Discover how our core instruction can help improve your students’ learning skills and educational achievements. If you would like to speak with an account representative who can answer your questions, please call us at 877-219-1537 or click here to contact us online.

The Benefits of Digital Core Instruction

Expectations for today's students are higher than ever, and yet large classrooms are making it difficult to provide each student with the individual attention needed for success.

With SkillsTutor’s digital instructional modules all students can get the extra practice they need, even on the go with a mobile device. Practical, focused instruction will help students attain a sound understanding of the fundamental skills required to achieve at high levels

Standards-aligned instruction helps students develop a foundation for learning. Quizzes and tests quickly identify skill deficiencies and prescribe appropriate lessons. 

Self-paced learning engages students and makes them feel comfortable practicing skills in an interactive online tutoring environment.

SkillsTutor’s instruction can be used as a teacher-aided tool or as a one-to-one instructional resource with minimal guidance. Differentiated instruction, diagnostic testing, prescriptive assignments and automatic reporting are incorporated. A robust management system seamlessly integrates into our instructional modules and is an effective tool to guide and track student progress.

Our Range Of Digital Instruction Available For You Today

Our individual instruction modules cover all educational levels from kindergarten to adult education. Explore the list below to find modules organized by grade and subject:

Elementary School

Middle/High School Solutions

K – 12 Solutions

Adult Education

Alternative Education

Ready To Put Your Students On The Path To Success?

At SkillsTutor, we are happy to help answer any additional questions you may still have about any of our educational software modules. We can easily be reached either by phone 1-877-219-1537or by email.

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