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SkillsTutor Cross Curriculum Modules fit with your students individual learning needs, to ensure they are being challenged and learning, all while having fun

With the ability to track your student’s progress through detailed reports you can personalize your student’s instruction to build strength in areas of struggle

Continue reading to find cross curriculum modules that will benefit both you and your students!

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The Best Cross Curriculum Modules Available To Your Students

By using our cross curriculum modules, you can help reduce fragmentation and isolation of skills for your students.

With the power of online learning, you will be able to access a broad base of lessons to meet your students’ needs.  You can select the subject areas and grade levels for each student or class and even combine math, language arts, reading, and science into one lesson plan!

Our cross curriculum modules offer assistance with a range of areas from core academic skills, career preparedness to adult education, and even employability skills.

These modules help students of all ages and stages progress in reading, language arts, mathematics and science.

The Many Modules We Offer

At SkillsTutor we understand that each student possesses a different level of knowledge and a different learning style. We also know that each educational level requires a distinctive instructional approach.

Realizing this, at SkillsTutor, we offer a variety of modules that are unique to each student’s academic level. The cross curriculum modules that we currently offer include:

In addition to each of these modules, at SkillsTutor, we believe that you should be able to customize instruction to cater to your students needs. Our modules also offer you the opportunity to a Build Your Own Module and meet the needs of your advanced and struggling students with appropriate instruction.

Ready To Put Your Students On The Path To Success?

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