Interactive Resources for Teaching Employability Skills Online

SkillsTutor's module for teaching employability skills online will aid students in their career search.

Your students could be the smartest and most ambitious that you have ever had the pleasure of teaching, but if they lack the necessary employability skills, they could find themselves without a job.

Keep reading to learn more about effectively teaching your students employability skills with our interactive modules.

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Teaching Employability Skills…Online?!

Preparing your students for the future involves much more than just teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing and solving math problems.  Your students are going to enter the real world and will need coping skills relevant to functioning within our society.

Without the possession of quality employability skills, your students are going to struggle in their career search.

SkillsTutor is the Answer!

Let SkillsTutor help develop your students’ employment skills that are necessary to lead them towards a strong and fruitful future.

The SkillsTutor Employability Skills Online module covers the transition abilities needed to find, obtain, and maintain employment.

There are four logically-organized modules within the employability skills online program that ensure career preparedness:

  • Career decision making lessons instruct students how to make good quality career decisions
  • Job seeking skills offer step-by-step instructional lessons relevant for providing job seeking success
  • Work maturity skills outline the value and importance of efficient working atmospheres and how to interact within them
  • Worker effectiveness skills focus on making a smooth transition from school to productive employment.

It’s Efficient and So Easy to Use!

SkillsTutor’s Employability Skills Online is an extremely effective method of teaching the most valuable skills needed to obtain and maintain quality employment. Not to mention, SkillsTutor modules are easily accessible whenever your students are ready to use them!

How is that, you ask?

Well, SkillsTutor uses cloud-based instruction, so anywhere there is internet access, your students will be able to log-in and develop their employability skills.

SkillsTutor modules also allow administrators and teachers, like you, to track your students’ progress with ease as they advance through each lesson.

Don’t Believe Us? See For Yourself!

We have provided a sample employability skills online lesson so you can see for yourself just what your students will experience when they utilize our module.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns about the SkillsTutor’s Employability Skills Online module, feel free to call us at 1-877-219-1537 or simply email us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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