Math Curriculum Software Modules That Help Students Succeed

SkillsTutor Math Curriculum Software Modules utilize interactive and fun lessons to ensure your students learn and understand the skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond.

With real time data-driven you can monitor your students achievements in order to determine whether or not they are learning and reaching their goals. Continue reading to learn more about our digital math modules, customized for a variety of skillsets and grade levels.

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The Best Math Curriculum Modules For Your Students

SkillsTutor math curriculum software modules are easy to manage and address learning issues that teachers face in the classroom head-on with actionable data and recommendations.

Each module is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and helps your students to learn math in a way that 'fits' each of them and builds their learning potential.

We have modules that will help your students with everything from basic math tables to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our digital math curriculum modules even offer the ability to teach complex equations found in upper level math.

And while your students learn, you will have the ability to track and measure their progress so that you can determine how successfully your students are reaching their learning goals.

No matter what your students grade level or current math skill set, SkillsTutor’s math curriculum software modules will fit your students’ learning needs while still challenging them and keeping them engaged and entertained.

The Many Modules We Offer

We understand that there are many levels of a student’s math education and that each level requires a different curriculum and approach to reaching the students the most effectively.

With that said, SkillsTutor has a number of different math modules available depending upon where your students are academically. The math curriculum software modules that we currently can address the following skillsets:

Ready To Put Your Students On The Path To Success?

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