Encourage Development and Mastery of Essential Skills in K-12 Reading/Language Arts

Help your students build core curriculum aligned language arts skills with SkillsTutor Digital K-12 Reading/Language Arts modules.

With our fun and effective modules, students will get the support they need in learning essential skills with 175+ lessons presented within a variety of literature types – fiction, nonfiction, essays, and poetry!

Keep reading to learn how our Reading/Language Arts modules can benefit your classroom, regardless of grade level or skillset.

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Choose Our K-12 Reading/Language Arts Modules!

Engaging, interactive content introduces essential skills and strategies and provides self-paced reading comprehension, vocabulary practice, and language arts instruction.

Expose your students to new vocabulary and help them unlock word meanings with more than 140 interactive reading vocabulary lessons that teach over 1,200 key words and 2,000+ related words selected from research-based compilations.

K-12 reading/language arts lessons feature developmental vocabulary in math, science, social studies, and other key curriculum areas.

Choose SkillsTutor to Help Reach Your Schools Literacy Goals!

As student’s progress through the SkillsTutor K-12 Reading/Language Arts modules they will be engaged and motivated while building vocabulary, reading fluency and writing skills!

Our K-12 Reading/Language Arts modules will expose every student to a rich mixture of skills including reading comprehension, grammar, reading vocabulary and more. Each level builds on prior knowledge for increased learning and prepares students for standardized tests.

Age appropriate skills needed to build competency and comprehension can be found in more than 130 lessons and activities!  Students will learn key skills and concepts including:

  • Main idea
  • Inference
  • Sequencing
  • Important details
  • Cause and effect
  • Author’s Purpose

It's Mobile and Affordable!

SkillsTutor K-12 Reading/Language Arts modules are an effective, eco-friendly, and affordable alternative to timed tests and can be used anytime, anywhere.

It's easy to setup, easy-to-use, and gives you all the tools you need to guide and track the progress of your students.

Help Students Master Language Arts Today

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