Discover Effective Alternative Education Modules

SkillsTutor alternative education modules allow you to develop or supplement instruction that increases students’ skillsets and maximizes their learning potential.

If you are currently searching for digital educational modules that will act as both an instructional and supplemental tool keep reading to find the perfect module for your needs.

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The Best Alternative Education Modules Available

Meet the needs of all students and give them an individualized learning experience with targeted instruction. Progress monitoring is extremely simple and allows educators to easily implement and track students' academic growth as required by specific programs and curriculums.

You can even build your own custom module allowing you to truly personalize each of your lessons to best fit your student population.

Our Digital Alternative Education Modules

SkillsTutor offers a variety of alternative modules that will allow you to truly tailor your educational curriculum to your students. The alternative education modules that we currently offer include:

SkillsTutor GED Prep

Help your students prepare for the GED test and obtain their credential for future success. Passing the GED test requires extensive preparation and mastery of core academic skills. The SkillsTutor GED Prep Module requires the use of higher-order thinking skills in reading, language, writing and mathematics.

SkillsTutor Response to Intervention - Math

Implement high-quality, research-based instruction and monitor classroom performance and individual progress. Our SkillsTutor RTI module meets the core requirements of the RTI model and serves a diverse population.

It is successfully used in full-class intervention, as well as small group and individual intervention and addresses multiple learning modalities.

SkillsTutor Credit Skills Recovery - Math

Provide additional learning opportunities and academic support anytime, anywhere with SkillsTutor Credit Skills Recovery - Math. The ultimate goal of this module is to help credit deficient students succeed and meet graduation requirements with the use of targeted math instruction.

Diverse instructional strategies fit various learning styles and give your students the intensive instructional support they need to understand and master core math skills.

SkillsTutor Alternative Education

We understand that each student has his/her own style of learning. Some struggle in a traditional setting and need an alternative environment. Assess individual needs and provide targeted instruction with the SkillsTutor Alternative Education module.

Unlock student learning as they progress at their own pace and master essential skills in reading, writing, language arts and mathematics.

SkillsTutor Build Your Own Custom Module

Many demands are placed on today's educators and you may need a broad base of lessons within a single module to meet your students' needs. With this SkillsTutor module, you can select the subject areas and grade levels that you need to help you identify both struggling and advanced students early and intervene with appropriate instruction.

Check with your representative to build your own solution!

Ready To Put Your Students On The Path To Success?

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We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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