Discover The Best Middle/High School Instructional Modules

SkillsTutor offers the most effective digital middle/high school instructional modules available for your students.

Not only will they effectively teach all students, regardless of learning strategy and level, they will also allow you to track achievements and identify strategies for helping your students overcome problem areas.

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The Best Available Middle/High School Instructional Modules for You

SkillsTutor modules will help students reinforce subject areas such as math, language arts, and science in unique ways that challenge each student individually.

One of the best parts of SkillsTutor’s Middle/High School instructional modules is that its content is available anytime and anywhere Internet access is available! You can even begin one lesson in the classroom, and our cloud-based software will save your progress and let you continue from home, the library, or anywhere else.

SkillsTutor Middle/High School Instructional Modules

SkillsTutor Middle School Reading/Language Arts

Flexible and easy to implement, SkillsTutor's Middle School Reading/Language Arts modules supplements the classroom curriculum in reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, language arts and writing.  Students build key nonfiction reading skills with a focus on:

  • Making predications and inferences
  • Identifying the author's purpose for writing
  • Finding the main idea
  • Interpreting details...and more!

SkillsTutor Middle/High School Mathematics

Our middle/high school digital instructional modules will help students learn new math skills and refresh concepts that your students need to know in order to pass high-stakes tests.  Concepts covered include:

  • Proportions and percentages
  • Algebra I and II
  • Thinking skills
  • Geometry, statistics and probability
  • Word problems
  • Decimals, fractions, and percentages…and more!

SkillsTutor Middle School Science

Provide extended learning with a broad scope of content through interactive tutorials that help students build conceptual understanding in science.

The science modules cover key concepts in life science, physical science and earth science.

SkillsTutor Middle/High School Reading/Language Arts

Our middle/high school instructional modules' standards-based lessons will help your students learn and review the fundamental language skills including the proper mechanics of capitalization, grammar, and usage, punctuation and spelling.

Students will be exposed to the strategies used before, during and after reading, develop vocabulary and apply strategies to a variety of literature.

SkillsTutor High School Science

Focus on the critical skills needed to prepare and transition your students to higher levels of learning.

Your students will learn key concepts in life science, physical science as well as earth science. This program also expands on the basics in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

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