Letter From A High School Student

Anne F. Thompson, Ph.D., Director of Student Services for the School District of Lodi, Wisconsin shared this letter from Marie, (not her real name), a student using SkillsTutor to prepare to enter the HSED program at the technical school.

Ms. Thompson said, "Marie has been bored with school for a number of years.  She has tried alternatives with limited success.  She then asked to go to the local technical college to earn her HSED because of her credit deficiency.  Since there is a delay entering the program from the time a student makes the request, we suggested that she try SkillsTutor to help her prepare.  Below is a letter she sent on her own initiative.  We have never seen her so motivated to do a program (SkillsTutor) or to work so enthusiastically towards a goal (HSED)!"
Dear Ms. Thompson,
I would like to share my feelings about the SkillsTutor program.  I think it is an excellent program.  It is very motivating and a faster way to learn.  It makes me want to keep going.  It is something that makes me like school and come every day.  It is not at all stressful or frustrating.
SkillsTutor is straightforward and has useful information.  It gives me all I need to know for my test and post-tests.  If something is wrong, it teaches me how to do it.  I feel comfortable using SkillsTutor and it has already helped me.  I know more than I did before I started.  When I get bored, I can switch back and forth within subject areas.
SkillsTutor gives everyone more knowledge.  If you gave me books instead of this program, I would be more likely not to do it.  I have never really liked textbooks because they are boring to me.  I think that if the school district got this program it would be useful and you would not regret using it.
It has helped me so I know that it can help a lot of other students.  It definitely is a keeper!
Student at Lodi High School
Lodi, Wisconsin

Special Thanks to:
Anne F. Thompson, Ph.D.
Director of Student Services
Lodi High School District
Lodi, Wisconsin