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Alabama Standards for Education Specifics

The primary state standards for Alabama are:

• 2003 Alabama Course of Study
• 2010 Common Core Standards Alabama

SkillsTutor aids students in preparing for the Common Core Standards Alabama and Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test or ARMT through personalized digital instruction and assessment. The skills learned may help students achieve higher ARMT scores over time.


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Below we have listed additional resources for Alabama standards in education. These articles and content will expand on the information above.



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"SkillsTutor is very user-friendly and provides interesting lessons for my students. The format of the program is exceptionally attractive.  Students take a pre-test in a given area and they are offered lessons to achieve mastery in specific skills.  These lessons are then followed by a post-test to ensure mastery is met."


Mary Anna Ezell, Teacher

Central High School

Tuscaloosa, AL