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Connecticut Standards for Education Specifics


The primary standards for Connecticut are:


  • 2005 Connecticut Curriculum Frameworks
  • 2006 CMT and CAPT Documents
  • 2008 Connecticut Grade Level Expectations
  • 2010 Common Core State Standards


SkillsTutor helps students practice for the Connecticut Mastery Test or CMT and Connecticut Academic Performance Test or CAMPT. With SkillsTutor’s one-on-one digital instruction and assessment, students will have easy access to resources that may raise CMT and CAMPT scores.


Connecticut Standards Bookshelf


Further resources regarding Connecticut standards in education are provided below. They will provide additional information for the material presented on this page.




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"Last year our 6th grade students were assigned homework on a consistent, weekly basis, I believe that our 88% score on the Math CMT was partially due to the constant use of SkillsTutor."


Joanne Higgins

Chalk Hill School

Monroe Public School District, CT