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SkillsTutor shares Illinois’ passion for providing quality education. With top-notch digital instruction, SkillsTutor offers supplemental learning to help improve students’ knowledge and success in Illinois classrooms.


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Illinois Education Standards Specifics

The primary standards for Illinois are:

  • 2010 Common Core Standards Illinois
  • 2004 Illinois Early Learning Standards
  • 1997 Illinois Learning Standards

SkillsTutor provides instruction aimed to prepare students for the Illinois Standards Achievement Test or ISAT and Common Core Standards Illinois assessment. With lessons learned from SkillsTutor’s convenient digital education modules, students will have a better chance of improving their ISAT scores.

Illinois Education Standards Bookshelf


The links featured below will provide additional resources for Illinois education standards. These resources deliver in depth information expounding upon the material above.




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"We were looking for a resource with a proven track record of improving achievement for all student sub-populations, including special education, bilingual and alternative programs.  Not only has SkillsTutor exceeded our expectations, it supports differentiated instruction, provides our students with 24/7 access to academic content and serves as a central component to our parental involvement programs."     

Dr. Clem Mejia, Regional Superintendent

Regional Office of Education

Kane County, IL