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SkillsTutor relates to Indiana’s mission to provide superior educations for students. With help from SkillsTutor’s digital supplemental instruction, students can find themselves advancing in the classroom and in life.


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Indiana Educational Standards Specifics

The primary standards for Indiana are:


  • 2010 Indiana Common Core Standards
  • 2009 Indiana Academic Standards
  • 2006 Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards
  • 2000 Indiana Academic Standards

SkillsTutor uses digital instruction to help students prepare for the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus or ISTEP+ and Indiana Common Core Standards. With SkillsTutors convenient and portable digital lessons, students may be able to achieve higher scores on the ISTEP+ over time.

Indiana Educational Standards Bookshelf

View the resources from the links below to learn more about Indiana educational standards. These resources will provide additional information about the topics covered on this page.



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"We used SkillsTutor for the 5th grade students last year with 90 percent of students achieving or exceeding growth.  Up to that point, only 45 to 50 percent of the students had met or exceeded requirements.  With these results our teachers feel strongly about the program contributing to our students success." 

Dan Ice, Director of Technology

Alexandria Community School Corporation

Alexandria, IN