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SkillsTutor and New Jersey both share the same commitment to providing exceptional education. With the help of SkillsTutor’s digital instruction tools, students and schools can maximize educational impacts inside and outside of the classroom.


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New Jersey Standards for Education Specifics


The primary standards for New Jersey are:

  • 2010 NJ Common Core Standards
  • 2009 New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations
  • 2008 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
  • 2004 New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations

SkillsTutor will benefit students preparing for the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge or NJ ASK and NJ Common Core Standards assessment. With the help of digital instruction from SkillsTutor, students can increase scores on the NJ ASK over time.

New Jersey Standards Bookshelf

Below are links that offer additional information on the New Jersey standards for education. These links provide further documentation supporting the material included on this page.



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"My teachers love that it takes only a quick-training session to learn about it. They also like how user-friendly it is. So congrats on having a program that meets those important needs of teachers....TIME is our most precious item (besides the students of course!), and SkillsTutor enables us to have a wonderful lesson plan with a minimum of time and anxiety in planning it. Thanks for that!!"

Ms. Johnson, Chairperson

Haddon Heights Jr. & Sr. High School

Math Department