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SkillsTutor and North Dakota share the same esteem for the importance of effective educations. Students and schools in North Dakota can benefit from SkillsTutor’s digital instruction by increasing educational opportunities and tailoring learning to individuals.


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North Dakota Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for North Dakota are:

  • 2010 Common Core State Standards
  • 2008 North Dakota Early Learning Guidelines
  • 2005 North Dakota Content and Achievement Standards
  • 2005 North Dakota Content Standards

SkillsTutor advances students’ preparations for the North Dakota State Assessment. With the aid of SkillsTutor’s digital instruction and assessment, students can potentially score higher on the state assessment over time.

North Dakota Standards Bookshelf


The resources linked below offer more detail on the North Dakota standards for education. Following the links will provide supplemental information to the standards outlined here.



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