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SkillsTutor and Ohio both place a high priority on the importance of providing superior educations. By offering digital instruction that you can use on the go, SkillsTutor allows students and schools in Ohio to further supplement education and learning in and out of the classroom.


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Ohio Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Ohio are:

  • 2010 Common Core Standards Ohio
  • 2003 Ohio Academic Content Standards

SkillsTutor increases students’ preparation for the Ohio Achievement Assessment and Common Core Standards Ohio assessment. With the assistance of SkillsTutor’s digital education tools, students can improve their state assessment performance over time.

Ohio Standards Bookshelf

Resources are contained in the links below, providing specific information about Ohio standards for education. This information is intended to further describe the content provided on this page.



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"Great news!  We just received our 9th Grade Proficiency scores back and are thrilled with the increases.  Writing scores rose from 86% to 94%; Reading, 90% to 94%; Math 75% to 90% and Citizenship 79% to 90%.  We feel lucky to have found SkillsTutor!  We previewed many programs looking at price, skills taught, content, ease of use and cost efficiency.  We also had students test some of the programs.  This evaluation process took a year, so our decision was based on a lot of research." 

Paula Jameson, NBCT
Technology Resource Teacher
Green Local School District