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SkillsTutor has common respect with Pennsylvania for the importance of high quality educations. Through the ease of portable digital instruction from SkillsTutor, students throughout the state can benefit from personalized instruction that will improve learning skills and knowledge.


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Pennsylvania Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Pennsylvania are:

  • 2010 Pennsylvania Keystone Exams
  • 2010 Common Core Standards PA
  • 2009 Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education Standards
  • 2006 Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards for Kindergarten
  • 2005 Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors

SkillsTutor provides access to material that will prepare students for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment or PSSA and Common Core Standards PA assessment. With SkillsTutor’s personalized digital instruction, students have potential to raise performance on the PSSA.

Pennsylvania Standards Bookshelf

Further information about Pennsylvania standards for education is accessible from the links below. This information is meant to supplement the standards outlined above.




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