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SkillsTutor shares Rhode Island’s drive to provide superior quality educations. Through SkillsTutor, students and schools across the state will have access to digital instruction materials that can improve education and learning techniques.


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Rhode Island Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Rhode Island are:

  • 2010 Common Core State Standards
  • 2006 Rhode Island Grade Level and Grade Span Expectations
  • 2003 Rhode Island Early Learning Standards

SkillsTutor creates opportunities for students to prepare for the New England Common Assessment Program or NECAP. With the help of digital instruction, provided by SkillsTutor, students have the ability to score higher over time on the NECAP.

Rhode Island Standards Bookshelf

Additional material regarding Rhode Island standards for education is accessible from the links below. This material will provide more specifics about the standards described on this page.




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SkillsTutor has been a positive instructional tool in our after-school program for over four years.  The learning activities provided in SkillsTutor have always kept our students engaged and motivated.  One student said it best when he jumped up and began to dance around the room saying, ‘I got 100% on my math quiz!  I have never gotten 100% in math until now!’ "

Simonne Tassone, Teacher

S. W. Bridgham Middle School

Providence RI