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SkillsTutor finds common ground with Texas in its dedication to offering superior quality education. With SkillsTutor’s convenient digital instruction, students and schools within Texas can improve learning solutions and performance.


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The Texas Association of Alternative Educators has teamed up with SkillsTutor to provide special offers to their members!   Contact Steve or Ray today to discuss how SkillsTutor can provide a tool that seamlessly integrates into your curriculum in core skills to improve student achievement.


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SkillsTutor is also proud to annouce that we are now listed as an approved vendor with the Texas Charter Schools Association and with Texas Learns for adult learners!



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Texas Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Texas are:

  • 2010 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness
  • 2008 Texas Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines
  • 2005 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

SkillsTutor will improve preparation strategies for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills or TAKS. Digital instruction and assessments provided by SkillsTutor can potentially result in students scoring higher on the TAKS over time.

Texas Standards Bookshelf

Resources contained in the following links offer more specifics on the Texas standards for education. These specifics will provide additional information about the standards defined on this site.



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Customers Talk


"This past summer, I focused on seniors who needed individualized help in areas of TAKS prep and chose SkillsTutor as the primary instruction.  Out of the students who worked consistently in the program, 83% of them passed the Exit Science TAKS test.  Without question, this program has made a positive impact on our tutorial program and TAKS scores as well.  We will continue to use the program because it provides rigor, presents great tutorial lessons, and builds skill fluency in numerous academic areas."


Debra Washington, Teacher

Stars High School

Waco, TX