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SkillsTutor embraces Virginia’s devotion to providing a high quality education. Utilizing SkillsTutor’s convenient digital instruction and assessment programs, students and schools across Virginia can perform better in class and on tests, while developing valuable learning techniques.


We are now on the approved vendor list for the Distance Education for Virginia Adult Education and Literacy programs.  Check out the link on the Bookshelf.


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Virginia Standards of Learning Specifics

The primary standards for Virginia are:

  • 2010 Common Core State Standards
  • 2009 Virginia Standards of Learning
  • 2007 Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning
  • 2001 Virginia Standards of Learning

SkillsTutor aids students’ preparation to complete the Virginia Standards of Learning Tests or SOL Tests. Through the use of convenient digital instruction from SkillsTutor that can be accessed on the go, students improve their chances of scoring higher on the SOL tests over time.




Virginia Standards of Learning Bookshelf


The links placed below add more detail to the Virginia standards of learning. These links support the information contained on this page with more depth.



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Customers Talk

"SkillsTutor has been an excellent tool for remediation and SOL preparation for our students.  It is easy to use by the teachers and the students.  I have strongly suggested that other middle schools in the county use it in their skills and reading classes.  I am very pleased as to how SkillsTutor has helped us in our task of helping students to improve their reading and writing skills.” 

Dinorah MacElwain

Reading Specialist

Gunston Middle School

Arlington, VA