Custom Alternative Education Programs for Anytime/Anywhere Learning

Every student has a unique learning style, so conventional learning solutions may not be the best method for teaching each of your students.

Discover alternative education programs that can truly benefit each of your students as they journey forward to higher education! Following is valuable information on alternative education solutions for your classroom.

Which Students Need Alternative Education Solutions?

Some students experience difficulty engaging themselves in a traditional classroom setting and require the use of alternative education solutions. These students often tend to be less interested in the material being taught and are, therefore, less likely to learn.

Some of the most common educational alternatives can include charter schools, alternative schools, distance learning, or home schools.

What Is Common Amongst All Students In Need Of Alternative Education?

The thing that most students have in common is that each of them possesses a unique learning style and would benefit from a tailored curriculum designed around their specific learning abilities.

SkillsTutor alternative education solutions can accommodate every individual student with its diagnostic and prescriptive, standards-based curriculum.

Teachers have the ability to quickly assess individual students’ needs and use the information provided to offer more effectively targeted intervention.

What Do SkillsTutor’s Alternative Education Solutions Have To Offer?

More than 2,300 lessons and activities offer a variety of interactions that will motivate and build students confidence while also building critical skills.

With SkillsTutor’s alternative education solutions, students can progress at their own pace, taking as much time as needed to master the skills.

SkillsTutor solutions make it possible to offer individualized instruction that fosters student success.

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