Dropout Prevention

Every student deserves a fair chance at success. Dropout prevention is very important for high schools that are experiencing increasing dropout rates.

Please continue reading to learn how serious dropping out of high school can be and how to prevent your current and future students from learning that lesson the hard way.

High School Dropout Statistics

Every day, on average, more than 7,200 students drop out of high school, this equates to 1.3 million each and every year.

The effects of dropping out vary anywhere from earning in lower incomes, to depressed tax basis, and even a lesser quality of life.

What Your School Needs

Schools need a better and more efficient way to identify students who are prone to dropping out of school. There will always be students that struggle in school but it is vital to utilize dropout prevention solutions that motivate them to press on.

Education is the foundation for success in life and quality dropout prevention solutions will help your students achieve that success.

Skills Tutor’s dropout prevention solution program

SkillsTutor’s digital solutions provide additional learning opportunities and academic support outside of the traditional classroom. You can improve student outcomes and boost achievement before or after school, at home, or on weekends using our anytime/anywhere technology.

Many school systems are offering alternative dropout prevention solutions in an effort to retain at-risk students. SkillsTutor supplemental curriculum individualizes instruction and addresses diverse learning needs.

Students will also have the ability to progress at their own pace and will never be pressured to 'keep up' with the rest of the class.

If you have any additional questions about any of the SkillsTutor dropout prevention software solutions, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-219-1537 or simply email us.

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