What is a Flipped Classroom?

The average classroom contains a variety of students who learn in different ways and at different rates. What if each student received the individual attention necessary to reach his or her full potential? Students who fell behind would have a chance to catch up, and advanced students would continue to excel with challenging material.

Not only is this possible, it’s happening in classrooms around the world.

Thanks to an innovative teaching strategy called the flipped classroom model, instructors now have the ability to provide students with the one-on-one attention necessary to maximize learning for each and every student.

Keep reading to discover what flipped classrooms are and how SkillsTutor’s digital solutions can provide the backbone your school needs to implement this effective new teaching method. If you would like to speak with an account representative who can answer your questions, please call us at 877-219-1537 or click here to contact us online.

Traditional Classrooms CAN'T Reach Every Student

Every fall new teachers begin the school year with an ambitious goal—to ensure that each student in the classroom learns every lesson planned.

But then reality sets in.

Every traditional classroom runs into the same problem—there’s only enough time in the school day to teach to the average student. And when you teach to the average student, some students fall behind and some students aren’t challenged.

Only the average students learn to their full potential. And if you’re a teacher, you know that there really is no average student. Each student has his or her own strengths and weaknesses.

The one-size-fits-all standard of teaching is a glaring problem with education that has been widely ignored, and made even worse by budget cuts leading to increased classroom sizes.

Flipped classrooms employ reverse instruction to address this problem head on.

Flipped Classrooms CAN Reach Every Student

The flipped classroom is an innovative reversed teaching model made possible by the Internet and advances in digital technology.

With this model, the settings for instruction and homework are literally “flipped.” Instruction takes the place of homework, and homework takes the place of instruction. This is why flipped classrooms are also often referred to as reverse instruction.

This is how it works:

  1. Students spend time at home each night watching digital lesson plans assigned by their teacher. These plans take no more time to watch than students would have otherwise spent on homework.
  2. The next day, students spend time in class completing assignments based on the previous night’s digital instruction. This frees up the teacher to roam the classroom and provide one-on-one supplemental instruction or new challenges if necessary.

While the system of flipped learning seems simple, it provides a wealth of benefits for every student in the class.

Students Who Need Extra Help

In a traditional classroom where instructors teach to the average student, advanced students have to wait for other students to catch up before learning something new.

In a flipped classroom, students are encouraged to proceed to the next lesson plan once they have a full grasp of the current one.

In a traditional classroom, advanced students complete their assignments and wait for other students to complete theirs.

In a flipped classroom, advanced students are encouraged to share their expertise with other students needing help. One of the best ways to internalize what you’ve learned is to teach it to someone else.

The Evolution of the Teacher

In the flipped classroom model, each and every student is given the opportunity to reach his or her full learning potential. This opportunity is only made possible by a change in the role of the teacher from lecturer to coach.

Thanks to advances in digital technology, students can watch “lectures” at home, and use class time to actually interact with their teacher in a way that further stimulates the learning process.

The teacher’s new role as a learning coach provides students with the individual attention necessary to ensure that all of their needs are met. Students will build more trust in their teachers, and learn more as a result.

Finding Digital Instruction for the Home

Planning for classroom activities is actually quite intuitive for teachers, and most find that the biggest challenge is creating the digital instruction to be watched at home.

Different strategies have been implemented for the at home digital instruction—but most involve the teacher recording a lesson and posting it online for students to watch.

This technique has found enormous success, but it does place a larger workload on the teachers. (At least until they have a video recorded for each lesson.)

What if there was a resource teachers could turn to for digital instruction, so they can focus entirely on their new role as a learning coach? What if the instruction was proven to be effective for students learning at different paces and included necessary alignments to state and federal education standards and assessments?

We Have the Tools to Get Your School Started

Our digital learning solutions are the easy and effective answer to your at-home lectures. At SkillsTutor, our focus has always been to provide students with the individual instruction they need to thrive in and out of the classroom. We use cloud-based, custom digital lessons to educate students at their own pace in the way that they learn best.

Don’t let a lack of preparation or time stand in the way of flipping your classroom and giving students the one-on-one attention they deserve.

Let us take care of the at-home learning, and spend your time solidifying and expanding upon the lessons in the most effective way possible—with personal interaction, discussion, and individualized attention.

Become the learning coach your students need.

Flip Your School With Our Help

If you’d like more information about flipped classrooms, or if you’re interested in learning how we can help your school with our software solutions, call SkillsTutor today at 877-219-1537 or click here to contact us online.

We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and give you the help you need to ensure that every student in every class is learning everyday.

SkillsTutor provides learning solutions through differentiated instruction and tools aimed at helping educators maximize learning in their classrooms while meeting state and federal accountability requirements. We’ve served over 2.5 million students around the world.

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