Monitor the Success for Your Students!

Demands for accountability and assessment have significantly increased to make sure all students achieve academic proficiency.  Meet these requirements with a variety of reporting features to answer questions about student performance.

An easy-to-use interface makes lesson assignments and generating student reports easy and effective.  This powerful reporting tool provides accountability by tracking individual and group scores, time-on-task, product usage, and lesson assignments.

Administators and teachers can see real-time usage and performance data.  More than 25 reports support data-driven instruction.

  • Adminstrator Reports provide a view of how your school is performing.  Administrators can review individual, class or school progress in order to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding curriculum.


  • Teacher Reports demonstrate progress for individual students and classes.  Detailed reports save time in the classroom, personalize instruction, and show positive outcomes in performance.

  • Parent Letters send a customized report on individual student's skill levels.


  • Product Usage Reports provide administrators with a powerful snapshot on activities completed and total time on task.  This report meets Title 1 mandates.