Educational Videos and Podcasts!


Adam Hall, President

This video contains a corporate overview and introduction to SkillsTutor solutions. See why students thoroughly enjoy the content, Educators greatly value the data, and Parents absolutely love the results. In addition, see what our customers have to say!

ISTE 2011 Interview

Watch as Kellie Crawford and Annie Balance, two of our Product Development Specialists, discuss the newest features and mobile uses of the SkillsTutor solutions. Some of the features covered within the video include: Ease of use, interesting and relevant content, a custom avatar that follows you, as well as many other important features.

INTEL Interview from ISTE 2011

Deb DeVries is interviewed at ISTE 2011 along with Bob Gregory, from INTEL, about SkillsTutor's new partnership for hardware. This is joint venture by SkillsTutor and INTEL is extremely exciting. The combination of these two technologies will help to revolutionize online educational solutions.

Teacher, Cheryl Martin

Cheryl Martin, is a teacher at Highland Park Career Academy in Highland Park, MI. Cheryl takes some time to explain the degree of success that her Adult Education students have seen while using SkillsTutor’s solutions.

  • Cheryl Martin

Vice Principal, Ann Dolan

Ann Dolan is the Vice Principal of Pyle Middle School. Ann takes some time to explain how her students are challenged in Reading and Math via classroom instruction that is used alongside extended day learning with SkillsTutor.

  • Ann Dolan

Director, Gail MacDonald

Gail MacDonald, Director of the Foster Home Environment for boys in Emmett School District speaks to the effect SkillsTutor has had in helping her students at all grade levels. She also goes on to explain the advantages of the tools provided by SkillsTutor that allow her to trace the progress of each one of her students individually.

  • Gail MacDonald