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SkillsTutor shares the goal of The Florida Department of Education’s Next Generation Strategic Plan, Florida State Standards and Common Core Standards. Together we can increase proficiency of all students.


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Florida State Standards Specifics


The primary state standards for the state of Florida are:

  • 2010 Common Core Standards Florida 
  • 2007 Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards

The educational solutions that are offered by SkillsTutor will help students prepare effectively and efficiently for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and Common Core Standards Forida. The skills practiced in SkillsTutor’s solutions will help students boost their scores on the FCAT in grades 3 through 8 and high school.


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SkillsTutor solutions offer anytime/anywhere learning for students of any age, in a multitude of situations. For more information on SkillsTutor and the Florida State Standards for education, we have provided you with links to articles and other relevant content.



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"I have a student in the 8th grade that still reads at the 2nd grade level.  He went to town on SkillsTutor.  The reason he liked it so well was because the learning units are in such small chunks he could digest them easily.  He could find himself becoming successful.  This kid ended up averaging a "B."  He was learning because it caught on with him -- he loved that he could do it."


Barry Jenkins

Alva Middle School

Alva, FL