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SkillsTutor and Georgia hold a common bond when it comes to the importance of education. With our help, Georgia students and schools can improve their educations and testing performance.


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Georgia Educational Standards Specifics


The primary state standards for Georgia are:


  • 2004 Georgia Performance Standards
  • 2009 Georgia Performance Standards
  • 2010 Common Core Standards Georgia


SkillsTutor will help students prepare for the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests or CRCT and Common Core Standards Georgia with digital and personalized assessment and instruction. The skills learned while using SkillsTutor will help enable students to increase their scores on the CRCT over time.


Georgia Educational Standards Bookshelf


Below we have listed additional information regarding the Georgia educational standards. We have provided you with links to articles and additional relevant content that help expand on the information covered here.



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SkillsTutor is an excellent resource for both students and teachers.  They can use it in both instruction and in preparation for standardized tests.  It’s easy to use and covers all subject areas.” 

Lenora Nyeste, Instructional Lead Teacher

Kennesaw Mountain HS

Kennesaw, GA