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SkillsTutor and the state of Kentucky both regard quality education as a top priority. As an effective supplement to classroom instruction, SkillsTutor’s digital educator provides students with a tool to improve learning and schools across Kentucky.


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Kentucky Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Kentucky are:

  • 2010 Kentucky Common Core Standards
  • 2006 Kentucky Early Childhood Standards
  • 2006 Kentucky Core Content for Assessment

SkillsTutor helps students learn the necessary lessons to prepare for the Kentucky Core Content Test or KCCT and Kentucky Common Core Standards assessment. With effective and personal digital instructions, students using SkillsTutor can improve their KCCT scores with practice.

Kentucky Standards Bookshelf

Following the links below will provide additional resources for Kentucky standards in education. These resources will compliment the information revealed on this page.




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"We have been very happy with the success of our students using SkillsTutor.  It is primarily a K-12 program and does include complete and challenging lessons at the 12th grade level…which should help with transitioning students.  Most of our students have used it as the various ABE levels or in preparation for the GED.  They have demonstrated great success.  I had 81% performance gains with my classes who post tested after 50 hours on SkillsTutor."


Wayne Couvillion, Coordinator

American Adult Learning Center

Louisville, KY