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SkillsTutor and Maryland share the same commitment to superior education. By providing supplemental digital instruction that you can reference on the go, SkillsTutor can enhance students’ learning across the state of Maryland.


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Maryland State Curriculum for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Maryland are:

  • 2010 Common Core Standards Maryland
  • 2007 Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum
  • 2004 Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum

SkillsTutor provides students with the skills necessary to prepare for the Maryland State Assessment or MSA and Common Core Standards Maryland assessment. With personalized digital instruction and assessment, SkillsTutor offers students a chance to achieve potentially higher scores on the MSA.

Maryland State Curriculum Bookshelf

Further information concerning the Maryland state curriculum for education can be found in the links below. These links complement the topics discussed throughout this page.




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"The instructional strategies embedded in the programs are impressive.  Use of graphic organizers, cloze procedures for comprehension, and vocabulary development are an excellent support for our students with learning disabilities.  High Road Academy students average two or more years growth in reading each year.  There is no doubt that SkillsTutor has been an effective support to students in accelerating this growth.”   

Dr. Ellen F. Gaske, Executive Director

High Road Academy

Fulton, MD