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SkillsTutor attaches a similar importance to the role of education as the state of Montana. With SkillsTutor’s personalized digital instruction, students and schools across Montana can improve learning techniques and strategies.


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Montana Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Montana are:

  • 2010 Common Core State Standards
  • 2009 Montana Essential Learning Expectations
  • 2009 Montana Content Standards
  • 2004 Montana Early Learning Guidelines

SkillsTutor utilizes personalized lessons to effectively and efficiently prepare students for Montana’s Criterion-Reference Tests or CRT. With SkillsTutor’s digital instruction that can be accessed on the go, students will be able to score higher on the CRT with practice and study.


Montana Standards Bookshelf

In the links below additional information regarding the Montana standards for education is provided. This information expands on the content delivered here on this page.


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Customers Talk

We use SkillsTutor for Migrant students to practice skills they have learned in the classroom.  The teachers, using the state curriculum, go through SkillsTutor and pick lesson areas in which students need practice.  Students gain valuable help with the individualized activities and masterd basic skills.  Our teachers love how SkillsTutor aligns with our curriculum and standards.


Martin Jacobsom, Technology Coordinator
Montana Migrant Education