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SkillsTutor’s and Nevada have the same dedication for producing quality educations and learning opportunities for students. With the assistance of digital instruction from SkillsTutor, students can now have an opportunity to supplement their learning and increase performance inside and outside of the classroom.


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Nevada Standards for Education Specifics


The primary standards for Nevada are:

  • 2010 Common Core Standards Nevada
  • 2006 Nevada Academic Standards
  • 2004 Nevada Pre-Kindergarten Content Standards

SkillsTutor further prepares students to take the Common Core Standards Nevada and Nevada’s Criterion-Referenced Tests or CRT. Using SkillsTutor’s digital learning solutions, students stand to score higher on the CRT over time.

Nevada Standards Bookshelf

The list of links below offers further information about the Nevada standards for education. They are meant to expand upon the material covered throughout this page.



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With the help of SkillsTutor and their support team, we were able to pinpoint activities that would reflect specific work on certain benchmarks.  We believe that SkillsTutor is one factor that helped to increase scores this year.


Mary Hafner, Principal
Roy Martin Middle School
Las Vegas, NV