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SkillsTutor both respects and shares New Mexico’s strive to achieve excellence in education. By utilizing SkillsTutor’s advanced digital instruction tools, students in New Mexico can increase their learning and become better students and achievers.


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New Mexico Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for New Mexico are:

  • 2010 New Mexico PreK Early Learning Outcomes
  • 2010 Common Core State Standards
  • 2006 New Mexico PreK Early Learning Outcomes
  • 2006 New Mexico Content Standards
  • 2002 New Mexico Content Standards

SkillsTutor offers students an opportunity to prepare for the New Mexico Standard Based Assessment or SBA. Using digital instruction from SkillsTutor, students can score higher on the SBA with practice and effort.

New Mexico Standards Bookshelf

The links listed below offer more information on New Mexico standards for education. This information will create additional resources and support for the subject of this page.



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The main reason I like SkillsTutor is the program relates to our participation in the laptop initiative in NM.  Thanks to SkillsTutor we can track content, monitor how long students are on, and see how they are improving their scores.  It delivers a better way to track the student usage information.  SkillsTutor gives our teachers a resource to use in the classroom for their students to use and stay on task rather than having students surf.  It's a productive use of time.  The post scores have risen anywhere from 10% to 30%.


Kim Whitley, Director of Technology
Hobbs School District
Hobbs, NM