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SkillsTutor and Utah hold the same dedication to offering premium quality education. With the assistance of SkillsTutor’s digital instruction, students and schools across Utah have the opportunity to maximize learning and increase performance in and out of the classroom.


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Utah Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Utah are:

  • 2010 Utah Common Core State Standards
  • 2007 Utah Core Curriculum
  • 2005 Utah Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines

SkillsTutor will help to prepare students for the Utah Criterion-Referenced Test or CRT and Utah Common Core State Standards assessment. Utilizing SkillsTutor’s personalized digital instruction, students could potentially score better over time on the CRT.

Utah Standards Bookshelf

The following links contain in depth information about the Utah standards for education. These links expand upon the standards topics covered on this page.




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"I have worked with students on varying levels of understanding. I have used Skillstutor as a differentiation tool in my classroom. When a student needs extra help understanding a concept, I can easily browse the mini-lessons, and assign specific topics to specific students. On the other hand, when a student has excelled on a certain concept, I have been able to use Skillstutor as a resource to give those students an opportunity to take that content to a more challenging level"

Amy Bateman, Math Teacher

Eastmont Middle School

Sandy, UT