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SkillsTutor and Wisconsin both hold the power of quality educations in the utmost regard. With the help of SkillsTutor and its powerful digital instruction, students in schools across Wisconsin can master test-taking skills and improve their learning techniques.

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Wisconsin Standards for Education Specifics


The primary standards for Wisconsin are:

  • 2010 Wisconsin Common Core Standards
  • 2005 Wisconsin Criterion-Referenced Test Frameworks

SkillsTutor fosters preparation for the Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination or WKCE and Wisconsin Common Core Standards assessment. With easy to use digital instruction, SkillsTutor will help students improve performance on the WKCE over time.



Wisconsin Standards Bookshelf

The links listed below outline important information regarding the Wisconsin standards for education. This information provides added specifics to the standards provided within this page.




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SkillsTutor helps my middle school students with their math and reading skills.  It is a comprehensive web-based program that covers many concepts found in our curriculum and in Wisconsin’s standardized testing, the WKCE.  SkillsTutor is also engaging. Not only is it fun for students, but it also provides instant feedback as to how well they are doing. SkillsTutor is a GREAT supplement to any academic program and shows the teacher exactly what and how well each child is learning.  We love it!"


James Furniss

Technology Coordinator

Westside Academy

Milwaukee, WI