Use Digital Adult Education Modules For Career Preparation

SkillsTutor adult education modules help your students prepare for the GED or job placement programs with effective digital instruction tailored to their skillset.

Individual modules are also effective for parents and instructors looking for a refresher on basic skills like reading, writing, math, language arts, and problem solving.

Keep reading to find a module for each of your students individual learning needs.

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The Very Best Adult Education Modules Available!

Our digital educational modules help adults learn in both traditional and alternative ways helping them to meet goals and responsibilities as workers, parents, and citizens.

These adult education modules successfully deliver instruction through a wide range of engaging, motivating, and effective learning opportunities that ease the transition of students from school to work environments.

Individual Modules Are Available For All Learners

SkillsTutor Adult Education modules and Employability Skills Online modules are flexible programs that serve the diverse needs of adolescent and adult learners.

Incorporate SkillsTutor digital curriculum into existing adult basic education, GED attainments, or job placement programs and help adult learners gain the necessary skill sets and job preparation they will need to succeed.

SkillsTutor modules emphasize basic skills such as reading, writing, math, language arts, and problem solving. 

Thousands of learners have obtained their GED after using SkillsTutor modules to refresh and master the basic skills.

The adult education modules we currently offer include:

They Really Work!

One adult education module user states, "I use SkillsTutor extensively with GED preparation.  Success has been achieved with students using the program at a distance and as a class supplement. After completing the assigned modules, I have seen student scores increase up to 80+ points."

Ready to Begin Your Journey Onto The Path of Success?

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We look forward to helping you and your students reach your educational goals!

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