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SkillsTutor admires and shares Hawaii’s commitment to achieving excellence in education. By providing supplemental teachings in the form of digital instruction, SkillsTutor aims to increase the quality of education and schools throughout Hawaii.


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Hawaii Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Hawaii are:

  • 2010 Common Core Standards Hawaii
  • 2005 Hawaii Content Standards

SkillsTutor offers lessons to help students prepare for the Hawaii State Assessment or HSA and the Common Core Standards Hawaii assessment. With the help of SkillsTutor’s digital instruction and included assessments, students will receive the knowledge to potentially raise their HAS scores.


Hawaii Standards Bookshelf

Follow the links below to explore additional resources for Hawaii standards. These links will provide additional information to the content above.


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"How will I begin to live up to my own potential?  Most students live on a day-to-day basis with that question.  The answer is simple…'I will think for myself and take ownership of my own learning.'  SkillsTutor provided exactly that ability for our students through an easy to use, and an even easier to manage, online curriculum.”


Paul Zina, Curriculum Coordinator

Waimea High School

Kauai District

Hawaii Department of Education