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SkillsTutor and the state of Michigan share a similar commitment to education and learning inside and outside of the classroom. With the help of SkillsTutor, Michigan students can improve their learning processes and build blueprints for success.


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Michigan Standards for Education Specifics

The primary standards for Michigan are:

  • 2010 Common Core Standards Michigan
  • 2006 Michigan Grade Level and High School Content Expectations
  • 2005 Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations
  • 2005 Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Preschool

SkillsTutor prepares students with the foundation necessary to take the Michigan Educational Assessment Program or MEAP and Common Core Standards Michigan. By using SkillsTutor’s individual-oriented digital instruction, students will develop the skills to improve their MEAP score over time.

Michigan Standards Bookshelf

Below you will discover links that elaborate upon the Michigan standards for education. Exploring these links will provide relevant information intended to supplement the topics discussed on this page.



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"This was our first year using Math Fact Fluency and it has been a great success!  The kids just loved the program and were eager to use it both at school and at home.  We like the fact that the students have access at home in the evenings and during the summer months.  Parents are delighted that we have this to help their children develop confidence and mastery over their math facts.  We are happy to recommend this program to any school. 


Judy Helms, Principal

Roosevelt Elementary School

Detroit. MI